Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The OCEP staff includes education researchers, scientists, curriculum development specialists, software developers, and experienced K-12 educators. Our diverse base of knowledge, experience, and skills allows us to develop and sustain creative programs and initiatives, engage diverse stakeholders, build and sustain partnerships, and bridge the research, practice, and service missions of the University to benefit the community.

Nichole Pinkard

Amy Pratt

Aneta Baran

Natalie Bueno

Emily DePalma

Tre Everette

Emily Ferrin, Ph.D

Lila K. S. Goldstein

Jenny Grist

Mia Harris

Mighel Jackson

Camryn Lemke

Jen Lewin

Kat Maka

L. Shai Moore

Love Morgan

Kristen Perkins, B.S.


Miranda Standberry-Wallace

Natalie Turner

Ashley Walter

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